*"After briefly looking over the book it is evident that this was a monumental task. It covers Danelectro in far greater detail than most books covering other makers. I know I will find it fascinating to sit down and read the full story." George Gruhn.

*"Neptune Bound fills a tremendous gap in the electric guitar literature. Till now, Danelectro has probably been best known for "beginners' guitars" characterized by low cost, "funky" design and, by those in the know, cool sound. This encyclopedic book lays out the full story, the heart of which is the string of pioneering innovations that my dad, Danelectro founder Nathan I. Daniel, brought to the guitar and amplifier industry years ahead of the competition. This is a must-read, landmark book." Howard Daniel, son of Danelectro founder Nathan Daniel.

*"A Masonite atom bomb! Brings new meaning to the term "ultimate guitar guide. A true labor of love and probably the most thoroughly researched book on a single guitar brand ever." Skip Henderson, founder New York Guitar Show, City Lights Music."

*"For many guitar players of the baby boom generation, Danelectro was their first electric guitar. Now they get to read the story of inventor and innovator Nate Daniel in this encyclopedic tome of Danelectro history." Eric C. Shoaf

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